20 Tips to Save Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

We await added on our smartphones,so it’s added of a botheration if the array assuredly gives out. So what can you do to eek that little bit added activity out of your phone? You adeptness be afraid by some of the tricks you can cull off!

Let’s alpha with the added accessible tricks first:

1. See what apps are bistro adeptness first

Although iOS8 does accept a array acceptance awning to acquaint you which apps are application added power, it doesn’t accept a way to bound abutting all apps. However, you may not apperceive that you can in fact abutting added than one app at a time. Double-tap the home button and again use up to three fingers to abutting three apps at a time. As Android is a added accessible OS than iOS there are assorted assignment administrator apps accessible that will annihilate all accessible apps with one tap.

2. Enable any power-saver modes

Many adaptable phones accept power-saving modes that shut down all but the a lot of capital functions. This should be your aboriginal anchorage of alarm afore annihilation else, as it will yield affliction of appealing abundant aggregate you allegation to ascendancy with one quick flick of a switch.

3. Lower Awning Brightness

The awning is the single-most array athirst basic on your phone, so about-face the accuracy down to the everyman akin you can plan with.

4. Set a beneath screen-off period

You adeptness accept the screen-off timer set too continued on your phone, so yield a quick tip into the settings to analysis that it’s on the lowest. Bigger stil, whenever you put the buzz down, columnist the off about-face rather than cat-and-mouse for it to time out.

5. About-face off 3G/4G or cellular abstracts altogether

If you can buck to be broken from email, amusing media etc again axis off 3G or, bigger still, cellular abstracts altogether. This will apparently abate your array burning by at atomic 20%. Of course, if you’re traveling to be about breadth you accept WiFi and you allegation to be online you can about-face off cellular abstracts altogether.

6. About-face off WiFi

Conversely, if you are out and about and accordingly abroad from WiFi why not about-face it off altogether? You can again await on cellular data.

7. About-face off Bluetooth

Bluetooth does not use the aforementioned bulk of array as 3G/4G but it’ll apparently add 10% to your day. If you don’t allegation to use any accessories such as headphones or car kits again hit the Bluetooth kill-switch.

8. About-face off GPS/Location services

Many apps will use breadth casework e.g. the GPS functionality of your phone, behindhand of whether the app’s functionality demands it. Amateur are a acceptable example, as they aggregate advice such as this for ‘marketing’ purposes, generally to bear added targeted ads. Axis of GPS will not stop apps that don’t await on that functionality from working, but don’t apprehend to use Google maps as a satnav with this disabled!

9. Abutting all accessible apps

Apple’s iOS does a almost acceptable job of throttling accomplishments app usage. Android apps accept a bit added leeway, though. Either way it’s acceptable convenance to abutting all apps if you are watching the array meter.

10. Put the buzz in flight approach (if you’re in a aught advantage area)

When you accept no arresting your buzz goes into overdrive aggravating to latch assimilate the abutting corpuscle tower, so can cesspool your array abnormally quickly. Flicking the flight-mode about-face will not alone about-face off the adeptness of authoritative accepting calls/texts but will aswell about-face off Bluetooth and WiFi at the aforementioned time, which will a lot of apparently bifold your array activity altogether.

So that covers the basics, but it does not stop there. Here’s a few tricks you may not accept anticipation of:

11. Stop apps from automatically affairs abstracts down

If you accept your email applicant set to cull down emails say, every 15 account this is traveling to abrade your array over the advance of the day. Set it to chiral and just accessible your email applicant if you allegation to. Look for agnate apps, such as Facebook, Twitter or account apps that consistently analysis for updates and attenuate accomplishments operations. Axis off Notifications in iOS aswell stops this, as abounding apps will adeptness on your awning to pop up messages.

12. Amend the buzz OS

Often, an amend to the OS (especially if you are afterlight from a aboriginal absolution of a new OS – iOS 8.0/8.1 anyone?) can accompany cogent allowances to array life. My advanced upgraded her Sony Xperia Z3 from Android Jellybean to Lollypop and her array activity went from beneath than a day to about two canicule on a individual charge, due to Lollypop’s frugal adeptness administration options.

13. Choose a aphotic accomplishments (AMOLED screens only)

Some of today’s smartphones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG Flex 2 and Yotaphone) are adapted with AMOLED screens. These alter from added technologies such as LCD as AMOLED does not accept a aback ablaze – anniversary pixel has its own light, and the brighter the pixel, the added adeptness is used. The array cesspool on an LCD awning is constant, behindhand of how ablaze or aphotic the awning getting displayed is, but a darker awning on an AMOLED affectation will draw beneath adeptness than a brighter one. So if you were to change your accomplishments to a air-conditioned atramentous angel it’s traveling to be bigger than a ablaze accomplishments picture. Test advance a 10-20% extenuative can be achieved, which is not to be sniffed at!

14. About-face off beat OR your ring tone

If you accept a lot of calls or texts again that beating active is traveling to boring champ abroad at your actual juice, and of advance breeding a complete aswell requires power. About-face off beating active or about-face your buzz on bashful to choke out a little added life.

15. Accomplish a alarm instead of sending a text!

Most humans accept that authoritative a alarm will cesspool added adeptness than sending a text, but anticipate about it; if you are sending a argument the awning is on and you’re borer abroad on the blow screen. If you accomplish a alarm a lot of of the cesspool is acquired by authoritative the antecedent connection. You again put the buzz to your ear and the awning shuts off. So if you’re down to 1% and accept to acquaintance anyone accomplish a alarm rather than sending a argument and you adeptness just get through.

16. Buy abounding versions of amateur after ads!

If you are not the customer, you are the product. Chargeless amateur are not absolutely free. We mentioned beforehand that abounding will be application your GPS abstracts to amount targeted ads. However, if you carapace out a bit of banknote for the abounding versions of amateur after ads not alone will the software not affix to the servers to download adverts but it will not generally allotment breadth advice either. If you are a austere gamer you adeptness be afraid at breadth your array activity is going, even if you are arena amateur that are not processor-intensive. It’s a baby amount to pay for something that apparently costs beneath than a prawn sandwich but which could bear cogent array achievement savings.

17. Accumulate your buzz cool

Mobile buzz batteries plan bigger if they are cool, so never leave your buzz out in the sun as it can aswell abase the battery, exacerbating the problem.

Finally, if you cannot clasp any added activity out of your array during the alive day there are a few added tips that could accumulate you going.

18. Buy an alien battery

It’s absolutely accessible to accept a array backpack in your bag or purse. They appear in all shapes and sizes and can be best up on eBay for beneath a tenner.

19. Buy a array case

Better still, backpack the array with you all the time by affairs a case that has a array congenital in it. Your buzz adeptness get a bit bulkier, but you’ll a lot of apparently bifold your array life.

20. Always accept a charging cable on you

If you don’t wish to backpack a array pack, but are not generally far from civilisation again the Nomad Chargekey adeptness be the affair for you. This keyring sized USB charger cable is accessible for both Apple and Android devices. You are rarely far from a USB atrium – whether it’s a laptop, hi-fi or amateur animate – so accepting a cable on you at all times could be the differences amid a recharge and agenda solitude.


As you can see there are affluence of tricks you can cull to accumulate a few added allotment credibility out of those glassy slabs of silicon that we are all so absorbed to. Yield a moment to see what power-saving tricks your buzz already has. Of course, the best affair you can do is administer these tricks aboriginal in the day – don’t wish until you are down to 10%, as a 10% extenuative on 10% is not a abundant deal! Until manufacturers either add bigger batteries or advance best abiding ones again these account adeptness be the aberration amid all day acceptance and the ‘black awning of death’.